Amazon Kindle Brief Review and Where to Buy a Cheap Kindle

Posted August 14, 2008 by cheapkindle
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Ok, much has been written already on the new Amazon Kindle reading device. I know that, and I’m not here to add more confusion to the mix. I just want to try and show you what I consider to be the main pros and cons of this gadget. Plain and to the point. So let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, there seems to be an agreement about the fact that amazon’s Kindle is somewhat ugly.  Well, quite frankly, that may be so. The device is plain white and it doesn’t look exactly “cool” to a fourteen-year-old. So what ? Odds are they won’t be the ones massively using it, anyways. Let me tell you this: to most adults over the age of thirty, this gadget is cool enough. That’s all the time I’ll devote to this point.

Regarding usability, I have to say the kindle is VERY good. It’s shape, weight and screen readability resemble that of a book’s. It’s really amazing how you can read from its screen for hours and still not feel any kind of discomfort whatsoever. It also comes with a well designed cover and a light that allows you to read at night. Some people say buttons are easy to hit by error due to a less than perfect placement on the keyboard, but I personally have not found this to be the case. Once again, I think the amazon team did a great job in this department.

On another issue, the

Amazon Kindle wireless reading device

Amazon Kindle wireless reading device

, which means you can get some content, preview a few pages from the books you love and even purchase the book without even being physically connected to another computer. You can also subscribe to some online  publications and have them delivered while you sleep. Ain’t that great ? 🙂 True, some of the above mentioned content comes for free – very good publications, most of them, btw – and some does not. Considering the enormous availability of free content online, I believe this might be one of Amazon Kindle’s weakest points.

I might add Kindle’s battery life is very good – charge for a couple of hours or less and you have a full evening autonomy -;  and the device  also plays mp3’s  – although this feature may need to  be further improved in the future.

Finally, the price. After the release of the amazing Kindle DX, prices for Kindle 2 and Kindle 1 have dropped about 50%. Yes, you read right: around 50%. In any case, I remind you of the most (obvious?) reputable site where you can buy the Kindle reader and all Kindle related products either new or used for around 10-20% less. Just click the link above and I know you’ll thank me for it 😉

Anyways, stay tuned for more news on the Amazon Kindle reading device and tips on where to buy a cheap Kindle.


Cheap Kindle: Where to buy the Amazon Kindle Reading Device for the Best Price

Posted August 12, 2008 by cheapkindle
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Amazon Kindle e-reader

Amazon Kindle e-reader

Buying the new Amazon Kindle e-reader for cheap, safely and without hassle may prove to be a daunting task. Online marketplaces seem to spring all around these days, but the very few trustworthy ones are indeed hard to find, and sometimes the obvious places for buying your kindle go unnoticed due to lack of information.

Well, let me tell you I’ve already been through all this. In fact, that’s why I decided to start this blog on where to buy a cheap kindle : in order to let you get the best Kindle deal without the risk of falling for scams or spending countless hours online.

Of course, we’ll also discuss the Amazon Kindle main features and I’ll show you other places where you can get more information on Amazon’s amazing reading device. I’ll even share with you all the latest and juiciest news on the Kindle and where to buy Amazon Kindle for the cheapest price around.